Nature produces the best products and therefore no artificial feeds are allowed.

We produce a portion of the food required by the animals on the farm, the reserves are obtained as raw material from our valued suppliers and processed on the farm in correlation with the animals feeding requirements.


All food is processed on the farm and fed according to all the animals feeding requirements.

On the farm we plant maize, sorghum and oats to produce high quality silage, silage is treated with biological additives to ensure that the high quality products are correctly fermented as well as preserved until mixed with other raw materials to ensure the animals receive the best quality foods available.


Grass is also baled and stored on the farm and is used as a feeding supplement.

In addition to the food produced for the dairy cattle do we also manufacture feed pallets for the Dairy Goats, Meat Goats and Sheep.


We have various teams responsible for ensuring well run sustainable practices.


Planting team:

This team is responsible for planting the grains that will later be used for the animals. They are highly skilled, hardworking and take pride in their know how of when to plant. Their advanced knowledge of harvesting , all relevant and important duties contributes to our success


Feeding team:

This team focuses on ensuring that the grains that they receive are to the highest quality in order to produce feed for the farm cattle. They work closely with feeding specialists that combines a balanced amount of all the right goodness that our cattle requires. Various processes and the latest technology are very important at this stage of the farming process, as the feed our animals consume, is very important to their health and the quality of their produce.



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