This makes us different


Here at Limpopo dairy,  we pride ourselves in our all-round " Seed to Shelf" approach that sets us apart from other dairy farms. From preparing the lands, planting crops to make our own feed, taking care of our animals from birth , production of the products as well as packaging and distributing the final product to our happy customers.


Our qualified farmers make sure that our land is well prepared and fertile before planting season. Our crops are well looked after with us using only the finest products from leading suppliers in the field. We make sure that the feed that are made from the crops are up to standard and well prepared with all the nutrients and ingredients needed to ensure healthy animals.


Another advantage that sets Limpopo Diary apart from others is our animals, over years and years the Limpopo Dairy farmers mastered the genetic pacts of the animals and therefore they produce high quality milk for our superior products. We have the most advance and latest technology to our disposal, and our custom made milking parlor was invented and built on the farm to ensure maximum product at minimum impact of our 1300 cows. Apart from our cows, we also nurture , take care and grow our unique goats at the Limpopo Goat factory. Limpopo dairy also supplies quality goat products to Woolworths.


Our farm is also laid out with safe underground tunnels that transfer the fresh product from the parlor to the production factory where the product are processed and bottled. At the production factory our Flagship product -  fresh milk-  are bottled before the production of our other quality products that includes, Maas, Mageu, Yogurt, delicious dairy blends, fresh juices nectars and more.


At Limpopo Dairy, we have our own transport fleet that minimizes the risk of proper quality control when delivering the final products to the various depots and customers. With our 400 staff members and our very own team of in-store merchandisers we promise high quality products and service to our dedicated customers.




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